Please plan on attending the Latino Action Coalition DC – Official Launch Event.

Press conference and launch event

What:         Latino Action Coalition of DC Official Launch
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 @ 5:30 – 8:00PM
Where:      Josephine Butler Center                     
                    2437 15th Street NW
                    Washington, DC 20009

information, please call:  414-758-0600.

Latino Action Coalition Hits the Streets of Wards 1 and 4

Building our Community by Educating and Organizing

Who We Are!

A broad based group of Latino residents, business owners, community organizers, activists and leaders coming together to create a common agenda and political force to protect and defend the interests of our young and growing Latino community in Washington D.C. and environs.

Our purpose is to educate the general public about our interests and goals, organize and mobilize our community to political action and build capacity to influence the political process by strengthening our political electoral power.

D.C.'s Latino community is at a crucial moment of opportunity for social, economic, educational and electoral development. In the last decade we've seen the development of prestigious institutions and strong community based organizations dedicated to social, educational and commercial empowerment. We now find ourselves in need of an institution or institutions whose mission emphasizes and directly focuses on strengthening our electoral and political participation.

One of every ten residents in the District is a Latino and we're growing faster than any other segment of the population. Our research indicates there are close to 15,000 Hispanic surnamed individuals on the voter's rolls and our greatest electoral strength lies in four western Wards of the city, Wards 1,2, 3, & 4.

We have had limited success creating an electoral bloc. It has been difficult to bring unity and strength to the effort. There exist various initiatives to organize the Latino vote, its business community and its financial power. These efforts, in some cases, have been within Council or Mayoral campaigns, in other cases the education, registration and mobilization of the Latino community did not have the sustained effort to provide follow up, a structured bloc and the formation of a permanent and powerful electoral force.

This situation creates a space and an opportunity for the Latino community to bring about the formation of a structured movement to generate electoral power for Latinos in D.C. To make this happen, a working group of Latinos from across the city have gathered in a series of workshops, forums and meetings to create the framework that will take advantage of this opportunity and fill this gap.